"... the new Ganelin Trio is without comparison in European music." ⁓ from the DVD liner notes by Wolf Kampmann

"...the Nordic soul sound...the Slavic folk/medieval sound, the cool jazz legacy, the free jazz lineages, the experimental, the electronic, the contemporary composers, the post-late-Miles/Coltrane/Shorter ways of cutting loose...these and more parallel universes echo through the Ganelin Trio‘s cinematic-dramaturgical performances, adding up to more than their sum in its six hands. Mostly, here, you‘ll find the thing that compels and satisfies most, always--original and brilliant creative artistry, igniting its like in yourself." - Mike Heffley, SIGNAL TO NOISE, USA, 2007

"...the Ganelin Trio is back in action, with a slightly modified name but also new maturity and consciousness to fuel their most recent music, which in this magnificent DVD was captured in its deepest essence. ... It's a must-see documentary of a great performance..." - Massimo Ricci, TOUCHING EXTREMES, 2007, Italy

"There are too few words available to describe musical performances in a fresh way, especially one as ethereal as given by the Ganelin Trio Priority. ... This new alliance of Ganelin, Vysniauskas and Kugel has created another vocabulary for free and improvised music, just as more artists establish their path and find their voice in the music." - Cheryl K. Symister-Masterson, Jazzreview.com, USA, 2007

"This band displays a power of unimagined consequence. To hear them live must be an incredible experience." - Dick Crockett, STILL ANOTHER JAZZ SHOW MONDAYS, "The Voice" 88.7fm, 2007, USA

"The ability to emancipate oneself from the confines of tradition, from subversive cultural expectations, while emphasizing hope, beauty, and collaboration is the most daunting of challenges facing contemporary musicians. The members of Ganelin Trio Priority are up to the challenge. This superb concert DVD from Germany’s progressive Nemu Records captures the spontaneous magic of a truly communal ensemble. Led by Lithuanian pianist/composer Vyacheslav Ganelin, the trio transcends categorization to create a musical purity seldom heard." - John Vincent Barron, Jazzreview.com, USA, 2007

"Ultimately, the footage confirms the trio’s musical wizardry and effortless agility. Ideas abound here. In essence, they merge a cerebral game-plan with an ever-present sense of drama. More importantly, they render a high form-factor of entertainment. Musically speaking, you can’t ask for much more than that…" - Glenn Astarita, EJAZZNEWS.COM, Canada, 2007

"In fact, this is his strongest ensemble since the heyday of the first Ganelin Trio, almost twenty-five years ago, when his trio ... amazed Europe with their daring inventiveness and the richness of their musical canvases." - Eyal Hareuveni, ALLABOUTJAZZ.COM, USA, 2007

"This is mature and elegant free improvisation." - Andrey Henkin, ALLABOUTJAZZ.COM, USA, 2007

"This is an extraordinary trio that works together in perfect balance, each navigating and pushing the trio in their own direction before submerging into the great waves that wash over all who watch and listen." - Bruce Gallanter, DMG, USA, 2007

"The Ganelin Trio Priority, with this live DVD, has produced some eye-opening, surprising and challenging music for the adventurous listening public." - Dan Bilawsky, JAZZ IMPROV, USA, 2007

"The free jazz trio is back with the top saxist in Lithuanian jazz and a versatile German drummer, and continuing its unique position in European improvisational music. ... Also, all three players are obviously superb at what they do." - John Henry, AUDIOPHILE AUDITION, USA, 2007



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